JIMMY was the love of my life. I got him at the Newark Humane center. He was 6 months. He was part chow/part golden retrevier. He was a gentle old sole. He was almost human. We went thru 9/11 together, my fiancee getting in the swiss air crash and battling with breast cancer. He was always there for me at my side. He was such a unique dog. There never will be another Jimmy. I only believe in adopting dogs. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. He died at 9 yrs old. I was devasted that i had to put him to sleep. He will also be that special dog for me. I now have an adopted shelter dog named Lola. She is a love and I know i gave her a 2nd chance in life. it’s a wonderful feeling. I intend to do volunteer work at a shelter as i just love dogs. Dogs spelled backwards is GOD. And as mark Twain so brilliantly “the more i am around people, the more i like my dogs”.

Lynn from SC