Dear Mark…

Thanks for writing Rescuing Sprite and sharing your story of love. I rescued a little Pug dog from the DFW Pug Rescue 18 mos ago. He was found outside an elementary school in Dallas in late August, a very hot time of year. He was suffering from 3rd stage heartworm, has chronic dry eye and is virtually blind, has a partially collapsed trachea, serious hip dysplasia and luxar pattella. From the heart worm his lungs are damaged and he goes into congestive heart failure. Did I mention that he is one of the sweetest, best behaved and loving creatures on earth?? He is if i didn’t.

Taking on Wally and his problems has been a journey of growth for me. I wanted a dog from the time our family pet, Woody, died when I was 7. I finally achieved my dream 41 yrs later. And it was dream worth pursuing.

I’d like to say to anyone who reads this to please, please, please adopt a shelter or rescue dog. They are the most grateful creatures you will even encounter. Senior and injured or ill pets especially need homes. So if you can afford their care please adopt them. Wally is a perfect example of what love and care can do for one of these souls. He is doing well, actually regaining some sight and is mobile and fast any non handicapped pup.

Thanks again too, Mark, for helping me keep somewhat sane in this horrible attack on our country. Your explanations help me to be assured of my convictions. I can hardly wait to get my copy of Liberty and Tyranny…which is on order now!

Carol from TX