Hi Mark, I finished reading your book the other night. I bought it for my wife for Christmas so I waited for her to read it first. We had to let our dog go July 21 last year. Her name was Sophie she was a bassett with papers but my wife found her at the Humane Society. She had grown up with a Bassett named Chester. Our dog Sophie got cancer and suffered some of the same symptoms as Sprite. She was 12 years old and the vet told us also that the treatments would be hard on her. We opted for the steroids and she came back strong for a few months and we were grateful. Then she started going downhill fast. She lost the use of her hind legs one day and started scooting around the house and the pain killers were not helping much. We knew we had to let her go.
The night before I was up most of the night on the floor trying to comfort her. The vet used the same method as you described in the book. We stayed with her and the vet gave us some time alone with her afterwards. We have her ashes, pictures and her collar hangs on the hook by the back door. We miss her terribly. We thought the best way to honor Sophie was to rescue another Dog. We now have a dog named Daisy who has made herself right at home. Thanks for your book, your show and all the great work you do.
Dave from IL