A most heroic act preformed by my sister without a thought of her own safety showed me the special bond of a person and their pet. As her family was vacationing at a park that had a stream running through it, my nephews were throwing a stick into the stream and their dog, an Old English Bulldog (Waldo) would fetch it and bring it back.

After throwing the stick Waldo jumped in and sunk to the bottom of the stream. Panicked, the boys ran and got their mom. Not knowing how to swim or the depth of the stream she selflessly jumped in the water where the boys thought he might be. The water was up to her chin. Luckily she landed on the dog. She was able to lift Waldo to the shore where she found that he was not breathing.

She started CPR on the dog and after about two to three min. the dog let out a big belch and started breathing on his own. After after a few days Waldo was back to his old lovable self. My aunt asked my sister if it bothered her blowing down that \”ugly dogs\”mouth. Without a thought she replied \”I would have blown up the other end if I thought it would help\”.
What a wonderful person you are sis.

John from TX