Muffin, Ashes

My family just lost our younger dog (11 years) Muffin. We had to have her put down on Valentine’s Day.
She was a phantom toy poodle and a playmate for our other black toy poodle, Ashes (15 years, and often mistaken for a puppy).

I had been ill for a couple of years and Muffin had become my constant companion. She was happiest when she could lie on my feet or be on my lap. Tho Muffin got so very sick she refused to give up and kept on for my sake I am sure. She never wanted to leave my side, and we did not want to give her up. But it became clear that she started to have pain, and had no intention of leaving my arms. We had her put down the next morning.

My husband ordered your book about Sprite for me. I have been reading it in small bits, as I was brought to tears. But I found a kindred spirit, and an explanation in writing of what we are going through.
Reading about Sprite helped me feel better.
Thank you, Mark.

Gayle from IL