Dear mark levin,i just wanted to let you know about my animals.i have one cat named
lucky he showed up when we lived in az.we knew he was moving,every time he heard us in the house he syuck to the screen like garfield.so he moved in we already had a dog at the time it was lab mixed.she didnt like him at first but gladly excepted him.then we mattie show up an australin sheppard we kept her too.then the big move to tn.the lab was in poor health&blind.She waited till we got the house put in.that week.i had to carry her out to do her buisness.right before she passed,she needed to go out do your buisness.
She passed away that night.we burried in the front yard.the weird experiance we had was the neighbors goats all 17 of them showed up,i guess to show thier support.i petted the one.we put the last shovel of dirt on the grave,said our prayers.then the goats left.now i got a full house
again.lucky,mattie,merle,duke.merle we brought back from miami fl we did not want the
dog cathers to get him.then
duke justed showed up.tanks for letting me share my story.
Kat from TN