Gizzy, Jooney & Benny

Hi Mark: We thnk you’re the best, and can’t wait to see you Saturday. We rescue dogs and own seven of them. They all have their tearful and heart-felt stories We love Pugs; yes we have seven of them and five are rescue Pugs. They are wonderful pets and we love them dearly. My wife and I also raise money for PDE, which is a disease that kills Pugs. I’m selling bumper stckers to raise more money. My new sticker reads: Liberty Again In 2010. we are going to bring you some homemade dog cookies too. Please take them as a gift for your pups. Keep up the good work Mark, and goognight Spritey!! The attached picture is of a couple of my rescue Pugs. One is totally blind, but you would never know it!!
Craig from NY