I just wanted to write that I have finished reading Rescuing Sprite tonight. My husband gave me this book three Christmas’ ago. When I opened the present I said “I can’t read this”! I knew I would cry my eyes out and true to form I cried from the beginning of the book to the end, anticipating the inevitable. It is a very touching and beautiful little book – a tribute really.

I am so pleased to read of someone who feels the same as I do about animals. I read recently that if you love animals you must find out why. I think it must be the need, the innocence the pure love and devotion that comes especially from dogs. I’ve had dogs and cats, a wild bird, fish and hamsters. I currently have three cats, two siblings from a shelter and one stray. I would love to have another dog, it would be my last dog because I will be 65 years old in another week. My children and I had a Lhasa Apso that we adored. Her name was Tashi. She died many years ago and it was heartbreaking.

Thank you so much for caring for Sprite and Pepsi and for welcoming another dog into your life. I wish there were many more people like you.to care for all the lost and neglected animals.

Patricia from NY