Stubbie came to my Wife, before we were married, she had her for 7 years. Rescued from a no-kill animal shelter, she was terrified of everything! Severely abused, her poor tail was only 3 inches long, bent and deformed. She was a Lag mix, Black, with a white chest. One ear standing up, the other only halfway! She hated men, until I came in the picture. After 3 months, she was MY dog! God couldn’t have given us a more faithful, and sweet friend! She would meet us at the door, and “sing” for us. She could also tell time! One minute after her feeding time, she would let you know you were late! Her poor body gave out on her, in December, at the age of 15. I couldn’t be there to say goodbye, and My Wife didn’t let her leave alone. I wish I had a photo to post, but She would run and hide from cameras, and flashlights. God only knows, how she had been abused. My wife and I miss her everyday, and look forward to seeing her again. Amazing how such a sweet, timid creature, can capture your heart so completely! Run, Stubbie, across the fields and through the woods, as you did in your youth! We’ll find you! Thank you for allowing me to share.
John from NC