My story is not about a dog but my Parakeet, Sparky.
He passed away 8 Months ago. he was so special and my special friend. This may sound crazy, But I could tell he loved me. I got him from a pet store that was going to put him asleep because he only had one good foot and couldnt sit on a perch. So I took him home and made a special flat perch that he eventually learned to use. He could speak 165 words and 17 sentences.
When I walked into the room he would call out and say “Sparky Sparky,what a nice guy”. and would hobble as fast as he could over to me. One day, I heard him say in a deep voice “The Mark levine show” , he taught himself off the radio because I didnt teach him. Anyway, Thanks for letting me tell you about my Sparky, I will always miss him and thank God for letting me borrow him for a few years.

John from CA