Solita & Remington

Dear mark,
i have always loved you and your show. i am reading ‘rescuing sprite’ and am so taken with your loving tribute.
we now have 2 dogs. my first, a rescue named solita
(little lonely one) was brought home from cabo san lucas mexico several years ago. i visited the shelter because i had heard about their great work and compassion during the times we had visited. and then she picked me…i’m sure you know what i mean…and i had yo bring her home. i had waited over 40 years to invite a dog into my life, though i’ve been auntie janet to many. she is amazing. they called her a damation mix, but there’s cattle dog and other breeds in there too. she was raised with cats (she was only 3 months old when she came home with us) and actually purrs!
we have since brought home remington, a yellow lab, and they are best buddies. bless you mark and your wonderful family

Janet from NY