I had never been a dog owner or even been around dogs until two years ago, when a North American Staffordshire Terrier was brought into my life – 90-pound Shamrock, who had been treated like an adult all his life and had enjoyed all the luxuries the adults did. Then my son decided he wanted a dog because he had not had one whle growing up, so he got a Border Collie – Brinkley. . Then I had to rescue a dog from an abandoned neighbor’s house – a puppy – part Chow and maybe part Pit (not sure.) He had been abandoned i and left n the freezing temperature outside to die, so he had to come to my house! Now the count has risen to three dogs! Brinkley and Behr (the part-Chow) were puppies about the same age and started off in the house, but quickly were moved outside. My house was not a chew toy or a poopinjg ground! So now, a year later, I have two dogs outside and one inside. Unfortunately, my son has gotten “too busy” to take a lot of time with Brinkley. I feel he is being cheated out of a great family to love and play with him. He loves to catch a tennis ball and play frisbee! Behr just loves to sit and watch! And me…I’m left to care for three dogs and I am very under-educated about dogs.. and about half scared of the Chow. I don’t know why I felt compelled to write this here, but it seemed a good place to sound off. I thought maybe reading your blog about dogs will help me know what to do with this bunch! I hope to have photos to post soon. Thanks for listening!
Phyllis from MS