Saving Paws

I can honestly say i had never heard of Mark Levin before i bought “Rescuing Sprite”. I had actually never even heard of the book, but i was a member of a book club and had order a couple books that appealed to me. I am an animal lover, dogs and cats. The cover of the book caught by eye and i felt i had to have it. I read the book in less than 24 hours (which is a huge feat for me considering i am employed full time, a wife, mom of 2 young girls, and involved in many other things that always seem to take my time away.

One of those things that is very important to me is a animal rescue that is near to my heart named Saving Paws. The rescue is no-kill and completely volunteer run. The dedication that i have seen amazes me. My family has several animals, always has and always will if i have anything to say about it. I believe animals provide so much love! They are always there for us in our time of need and love us with all they have.

Sprite was so fortunate to be adopted by your family! I, too have done the “would have” could have” should have” when it comes to decisions i have made regarding my pets, but when i made those decisions i was doing what i thought was right and with love in my heart for that animal. Thank you for sharing your story about Sprite.

Jenni from WI