Hello Mark,

I appreciate that you have provided an forum to talk about our dogs.

Our dog, Rusty, whom we had for 14 years passsed this past week.

He was a 110 lb Bernese Mt. Dog / Golden Retriever mix. The best dog I’ve ever had.

While it has been a great loss to our family, the way he died was in reality a great blessing.

Due to his advanced age, we knew that it wouldn’t be long before we would have to have him put down. But, since he wasn’t ill, in pain, or suffering in any way, we were really dreading the thought of having to do that.

Rusty died naturally, a stroke or heart attack, I suppose. It happened so quickly, but it happened while he was here at home with us holding and loving him to the end.

I don’t know if my wife and I will get another dog, because it hurts too much to lose them. They (dogs) have a way of endearing themselves to us and truly become family members.


Steve from CA