Roxy came into our lives in Mexico City. A couple of guys were selling puppies near our house one Saturday morning. One glimpse was enough to fall in love with her. She was in a large box with five of her brothers who were fast asleep and totally oblivious of their sister falling on them and biting playfully their muzzles and ears. What a delight she was.
She grew up to be a very handsome German shepherd, extremely intelligent, loyal and loving.
When she was three years old, our Vet in Mexico told us, , that she was not going to be much help as a guard dog; in his opinion, our pampering had killed her instincts and turned her into a toy. But no, he was wrong. Roxy was always alert and made sure that all strangers approaching the house knew that she was indeed in charge of security.
Very early on we learned that she had dysplasia and that one day, her hips would give up on her. But, for fourteen and a half years, she brought sunshine into our lives.
Roxy lives in our hearts and memories. A myriad stories and anecdotes keep her spirit here with us.

Vinicio from FL