Dear Mark, On or about April 2001 I found my little tagless chihuahua Penny on a Dallas street corner. After unsuccessfully looking for a possible owner, I took her to the nearest vet. I want them to find her a home and have her health checked out. I was asked to take her home for a “few” days as she was in heat for the first time and needed two baby teeth pulled as they were growing tusk like. I took her back and had her spayed and teeth pulled as requested. That was the first and last time she was in a cage. I have never been in a cage(jail) and she will never either. After never having nor wanting a pet I fell in love with her very quickly.She is my constant companion and I treat her like the little loving princess she is.
After me having a successful kidney transplant on 1/22/09( hereditary polysistic kidney disease) at All Saints Hospital in Ft Worth Tx I found myself missing her a great deal. I had her picture at my bedside.
I often wonder at the age of 53 if I would be too old to have received the gift of life under the Messiah Most Highs new Nationalized Health Plan? Would I have deemed cost efficient for the gift of life?
I was on dialysis for 53 weeks and would download four hours of your mp3s to listen to you while I sat in that dialysis chair. I am happy to report that all my blood tests are now normal and I look forward to a new life.
I have often tried to call but always get a busy signal. Keep up the good work. Best regards,
Monty from TX