No Regrets

All of my dogs have been rescues. My last rescue,came from a shelter that I was doing volunteer work, walking all the dogs and trying to get a little training in them. I saw a dog , brindle in color, covered in lesions, had Lymes disease and loaded with worms. He would stare at me with direct eye to eye contact every time I passed his cage. I never walked this dog ,there were so many to walk I never got to him. Then, I had a dream and it was him looking at me . It bothered me so much, the next day I told the manager of the adoptions that I was taking him home. He is a star in agility and one of the most intelligent dogs I’ve ever owned. He is a German Shepard/Pit , so naturally , no one wanted him because he was part Pit. I have no regrets .
Virgina from NJ