When our cats died we couldn\’t get any more because my husband had developed severe allergies to cats.  We had been researching what kind of dog to get when my 8-year old son came up to me one day and said, Mom, I want a Chihuahua.  My husband\’s first reaction was, \”a rat dog?\”  Long story short, Newt is now 14 years old and is our baby.  I tell people he can stay because he doesn\’t ask for money like my adult children.  He got the name Newt because the breeder couldn\’t stand Newt Gingrich and didn\’t want to get attached to this little guy since she couldn\’t keep him.  Her strategy didn\’t work, but she had to sell him anyway.  We kept the name, which worked out well since it fits his personality to a  T–he\’s a great Republican dog.  He\’ll take on any other dog, big or small.  His AKC name is Speaker of the House!

Anne from VA