Ms. Misty

Mark, I put my doggie daughter to rest this past week. A friend and neighbor, and a fan of yours sent me your book about Pepsi and Sprite. I put it away when I received it and continued my guilt about having not done enough to keep Ms. Misty with us, not calling off the vet, and just plain spiraling even further into my depression that I have been in for months. For some reason I decided one night to pick it up and I could not put it down. I sobbed and sobbed as I read your journey and felt exactly the same things you had written. My heart was breaking for you and for me.

Sprite was a blessed dog to have you and your famiily and I believe intentionally entrusted to you by God. Ms. Misty was a neighbors dog from puppyhood to 71/2 when she came to live with me.
I have honored to not only give her the life she more than deserved, even through my pain and grief of only a week without her I know God entrusted her to my care. We are both the beneficiaries of a love and bond that only we can know, a gift so large there are no words to completely explain it. Thank you for writing this book and thank you for loving Sprite and sharing your pain with so many of us. I am awaiting Ms. Mistys return to place her in a spot of honor in our home. In the meantime you have given me some comfort in knowing I am not the only one who has felt this way and I will be okay again.

Linda from ME