Missy, Molly

I am still reading Rescuing Sprite (2/3 done). Today March 6 is one month annversity of Missy’s death. She died Feb 6 at 1:30 pm at home surrounded by her humans (my husband and me), Molly (dog) and 4 cats that loved her. We miss her so much. She was 13 years 9 months and died from kidney failure. She and Molly are Border Collies. Missy was special (as all our pets are). She was fiesty, regal, stuborn, intuitive and loving. She could look into your eyes and see your soul. She knew us and our moods and habits better than we knew ourselves. She loved our cats and would not tolerate them fighting. She was the one that mothered us all.
When she was at her best, she held her head high, ears up and tail on top of back. She was beautiful inside and out. I guess you can tell we loved her so. We could not put her “down”. She did not suffer. The last 3 weeks she was alive she could not walk or get up anymore. I am a Nurse. We turned her every hour, cleaned her when she was messy and fed her when she could not do it herself. I still do not think we did enough for her. Even when we knew she was dying I was shocked when she did. I just thought she would be around for a lot longer.

I too have trouble with death, not my own but with others. If heaven does not have our pets, I don’t want to go.

In so many ways I think dogs and cats are a lot better than some human. Certainley more loving and caring.

Our other Border Collie, Molly, is 12 years old. We know her time will come all to soon but I cherish each moment with her. She is greiving along with the cats. Missy was the oldest and was always around for the others.

As you have said, Missy taught us much about love and living. We were truly blessed to have her in our loves.

I am sorry for the death of Sprite but very glad you wrote about him. How is Pepsi doing?

As you can tell I am not much of a writer. I hope this helps with pain and loss. I am still raw with the loss of Missy.

A Dog Lover,

Judy from KY