Dear Mark,

I was blessed with parents who loved dogs and cats. Until the day I moved out of my family home, I was surrounded by multiple pets. My career path led me into apartment management and I was not allowed to have a pet. Finally, at age 42, I bought my first home and could realize my dream of having a dog again in my life. I spotted “Max” at our local shelter (1999) and it was love at first sight. Max was a stray and was on a hold for over a week allowing an owner to find him. I visited him daily. He would press himself into the kennel bars as hard as he could so I could get my fingers through to give him a scratch. When the day came that he was available, I went over to get my boy only to find out that someone else wanted him too. A raffle was held and I lost. I went home with my tail between my legs and cried. A couple of days later, I went back and searched up and down the isles hoping to end the agony and find another pet. I stopped by the front desk and asked if they would take my phone number down and call me if for some reason Max was returned all the while thinking “yeah right, a busy city run shelter is really goinging to keep up with that request.” Two nights later my phone call came in. “Your boy is back and you need to pick him up now. We’ll hold the shelter open for you!!!” I sped over there and my life with Max began. He is unconditional love, my best friend, my smile during the darkest days, the reason I’m forced to get exercise, and even stood glued to my side as an intruder was trying to break in to my house. The shelter has since had a 501(c)3 volunteer group form and to thank them for bringing Max into my life, I joined 4 years ago and have given around 1500 hours of my time. It’s a joy to watch a depressed animal light up as he walks out the door to his new life. Thank you so much for giving me this outlet to share my story. Max and I are new fans since you have finally reached the Los Angeles market (at a reasonable hour). Take care.
(Max is a golden retriever/shar-pei mix, 10-11yrs old).

Lorry from CA