I\’m convinced that dogs share the same spirit. I refer to it in my own mind simply as, \’the spirit of dog\’. It\’s exemplified by unconditional love, loyalty and a cheerful, trusting demeanor. That\’s why, in my opinion, we so abhor those who mistreat dogs and why we hate to see them suffer.
When our beloved friends die, as we know they must, they leave a dog-shaped hole in our heart. We mourn for a time and we resist those who tell us to \’just get another dog\’.
But after a while we do get another dog and we find that they possess the same \’spirit of dog\’ as our old friend. Sure, their personality will differ slightly, but we are just as delighted by their antics and just as buoyed by the love and affection they bestow upon us.

They heal us.

Their presence fills in that \’dog-shaped hole\’ in our hearts in the only way it can be filled.

After my mother passed away my father was quite despondent. I found a dog in an animal shelter. Half Border Collie, half Chow-Spitz. Her name was Maggie. She helped my father cope with his loss and became his dear companion. She succumbed to cancer a few months ago.

RIP Maggie-The-Dog. You were the greatest.

Brother Kevin from NJ