Dear Mark,
I’d like to thank you for writing your inspirational book about Sprite, for it has greatly improved the quality of my life! My wife and I had to euthanize our sweet little 14-year-old Chihuahua last spring, and it hurt so much to lose her, that I wasn’t sure if I could ever have another dog again. We really missed having a dog in our lives, and fortunately, a few months later we happened upon a lovely 4-month-old Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix rescue dog we named Lucy.

Soon thereafter, I read your book. What I really loved about your book was that it helped me truly appreciate every moment with Lucy, and to enjoy time with her. Of course, puppies can be trying, but rather than get frustrated or mad, I just smile and think of the joy that dogs bring us, like you so eloquently put forth in Sprite. Instead of looking at “dog-owner related chores” with dread, I think how lucky I am to have Lucy in our lives, and actually enjoy taking time with our walks and watching her explore the neighborhood.

Thank you again…and, by the way…I really liked it when I heard you once say “Good night, Spritey” at the close of your radio show. I’m sure that many of your listeners joined me in looking up towards heaven for a brief moment and shared their blessings, as well.

Larry from CA