Lafayette: We had a gorgeous tri-colored basset hound named Lafayette, she was only 7, but we had to put her down due to cancer and complications from surgery just a couple of days ago. It was a hard decision until the vet told us she was suffering and all the treatments, surgery, and medications would probably only put off the inevitable.

My wife is very upset by this due to our dogs young age, and also how attached my wife was not just to this dog, but this breed. We generously give to basset hound rescues all across the country and she keeps in touch with basset hound owners on a nearly daily basis (it’s called the Daily Drool). These are some great people, and the calls have been coming in since word got out, but she’s too upset to take any of them. This will take a lot of time to heal for her and my two sons.

Our memories of her include taking her flying in our private airplane (I’m a commercial pilot and air traffic controller). She was our “Am-Basset-door” for our voter registration drive at the Boulder County Fair Parade out here in Longmont , CO . The picture included was very recent when she was a bell ringer for the Salvation Army at Christmas time. It was about 10 degrees outside, but she got everyone’s attention and brought in the donations. Thanks Mark for this site and what you do.

Chris & Brigette from CO