I adopted Jazz a few years ago from our local humane society. At the time I had gone down to the shelter and sawa a border collie that I thought might fit in our family. So the next day was bringing our older dog at the time to come and meet him. Well that morning I looked on the website of the shelter to show a friend the dog I was thinking of adopting and saw Jazz’s photo. I knew then and there that was the dog that I wanted. I called and she had just come up for adoption from a foster home so I not only had to pass muster from the shelter but also the person who had been fostering her. I must have passed. Our old dog Mischeif also passed her with flying colors.

She has been such a joy, and quite a comfort when it was Mischeifs turn to pass into spirit. She Loves my husband best, unless he isn’t home then I’m A-OK, or if I am doing something more interesting than he is, like going riding on the horse.

She doesn’t ride yet on the back with me all the time. But I did have to rescue her once in some weeds and water over her head on the trail. Plucked her right out of the water, what a mess of dripping wet dog all over my lap.
She is certain her job is to bark at the horse and goat and remind them to mind thier manners. twirling circles all the while.
She has picked up recently on tricks its easy to teach her them, as long as I have treats.
Luckily I didn’t have to feel bad about the dog I didn’t adopt as he found his own forever home not long after I brought Jazz home to be part of my family.

Marci from OR