Dear Mr. Levin: I just read Sprite’s book. It was given to me 8 weeks ago after my wonderful Holly died the weekend before Christmas. She was 16 years, 2m., 2wks old. A cinnamon cock-a-poo who was as wonderful as I could ever imagine. She arrived here in Dec.1992 and left me the same month 16 years later. Her timing stunk. It was the worst Christmas I have ever spent. I couldn’t bear reading your book until yesterday – my heart & soul were wrenced from me.

We live in a home where our garage is attached to the basement door. When I come home from work, I would always peer up the stairs at the space between the door & kitchen floor. Even when she lost her hearing, she knew it was me. Those little paws were dancing and that tail was wagging. 2 years ago she was diagnosed with dimentia. But even in her confusion, she was kind, loving & sweet. Then she had cataracts that caused blindness (too old for surgery). These last 2 years were difficult but we made it through. In Dec, she had seizures. My husband & I knew that the inevitable was just around the corner. When a decision had to be made, I also questioned if this was a selfish decision on my part or was this the right time. My vet said there’s never a right time but this wasn’t the wrong time.

When she was put to sleep, I requested to stay for a few minutes to hold her warmth and hug her. I swear to you – I am not a religious person- but I could feel her spirit/soul rise and pass me. I knew then that this was a humane decision. I am 61 and have never been without a zany dog in my life. I have loved them all in different ways but Holly… I guess she was super special. We have decided not to go out and get another dog – for now- my husband and I want to pick up and go as we please for a bit. We’ll see…

But I wanted to thank you for allowing me to share the love that you and your family have for your dogs too. It meant a lot to me to know that we’re not just weirdo dog-people. There are others out there who experience that mega lose at their pet’s passing. Good luck to you and your family.

Jill from NJ