Mark i read you book about sprite. i know exactly how you felt i cried and cried while i read this book. then it happened the next day after reading your book my dog lil bit got sick and died 3 days later. it is so heart breaking and i blame myself she was poisoned. she suffered no vet was open animal control would not even come to get her to put her out of her misery. i had to sit here in my home and watch her die. i still cannot talk about her without crying and this was 2 months ago.it was awful. we buried her out here next to the house. she was so full of life and to see what this did to her was awful. she was less than a year old.

Someone around here did not like her. two other dogs have had the same thing happen to their dogs. i loved her with all my heart and i really miss her. our other dog does too. he goes to the neighbors trying to find his pal. so i know exactly how you feel and i am having a rough time even wanting another dog. thank you for writing your book cause it prepared me for what was about to happen to lil bit.

Christine from TN