Gus & Honey

Mark, I and my wife Karen to are dog lovers. I called you on Friday March 13th. I am the caller Robert Kenehan running for Governor in 2010 that predicted the market at 6500 months ago. I wanted to let you know that me and my wife have an English Bulldog( Slider) who is now 10 years old .We also adopted 2 more from the shelter. A American Bulldog Boston terrier mix (GUS) looks like a Piranha with an under bite. Our newest edition (Honey) who is a German Shepard Golden Lab mix. I love your show and I feel you are the last of the great conservative voices left. I wish I could share my story with you sometime as it is very interesting. During my call with you. You stated that you do not do facebook did you know that you have a fan page there? Anyways I wish you the best and who knows maybe someday we will chat politics on facebook. You should check out my posts on my facebook page some interesting political observations on there. Damn file to big on pic. Well check them out on my Facebook page. Keep up the good work Patriot.

Robert from CO