A few years ago, my Dachshund named DUBBYA went missing one night and I was ready to start posting “lost dog” signs the next morning when I heard a “jingle” coming frmo the kitchen-cabinet beneath the coffee pot where I was standing. This was coincidentally the same cabinet which stored the dog-treats. I opened the door to find Dubbya semi-conscious and bloated after having gone on a “bender” and eaten nearly an entire box of milk-bone treats. I was too happy to see him to get upset and I was late for work so I carried him out into the back yard and put him under the shade tree. When I came home for lunch to check on him, he was on his back in the shade still “sleeping-it-off”.
Except for his namesake shortly thereafter becoming a glutenous spender from the White House, Dubbya showed no lasting ill-effects or continued prophetic abilities
Jerry from TX