Dog Rescuers

My wife, Wendy, and I are avid dog lovers who have rescued five dogs and one cat. Our first was a bloodhound mix we named Harley, not for the motorcycle but for Harley Earl, creator of the Corvette. We got him from our local veterinarian who told us that a postal carrier found him along his route. Harley was dumped in a drainage ditch in a plastic bag. He was only two weeks old but he managed to chew his way through the bag and make enough noise to attract the postal carrier. That was six years ago.

Our next was a beautiful black pure bred Great Dane from the local great dane rescue agency. She was rescued from an abusive home in Memphis, TN and was poor health when we got her. We nursed her back to health. She was already named Charcoal and we didn’t see any reason to change it. Wendy has helped the great dane rescue since. We then rescued a terrier mix from behind our local Department of Human Services (DHS) office. At the time, I was a local police officer and the Animal control officer knew Wendy would have a soft spot for this puppy so he had a fellow police officer sneak the puppy (Samson) over to my house while I was on duty.

We have had Samson now for over four years. More recently, last may we were at a local political rally for our Sheriff’s election when a small pitiful looking older dog came up and begged food from us. Bo, named for my buddy who was running for sheriff (he lost but we gained another family member). About a month later I came across a beautiful little female puppy (we think a beagle mix) that had been abandoned at a truck stop in El Dorado, AR, a town 35 miles south of home. It was raining hard and she was crossing the highway and going from vehicle to vehicle looking for food and attention. I was making a delivery to the store and, when I finished, picked her up and put her in my truck. She has been with us ever since. Lucy is the sweetest puppy I have ever raised. I no longer patrol the streets, I traded a badge for a CDL and now travel the country listening to Sirius and all the conservative talk radio I can.

Bill from AR