Hi Mark
Thanks for all you do!
This is my little buddy
Cody. I got him from a co-worker 3 years ago. She needed to find a new home for him because he was sick and she couldn’t give him the time he needed.
He is doing GREAT with our family.

I have a small flower delivery business and he rides along with me every day. He not only makes my day enjoyable, but brings smiles to everyone we meet.
As you can see in the picture he sits in the passenger seat just like a person. When people drive up next to us they have to take a double take. There are people that know who we are around town and always drive up and wave and look for Cody.

When I get out of the van to make my delivery, you will find him on the dash watching every move I make. When I get back in the van he assumes his position.
My husband and I have been married 25 years and this is our first dog. He never wanted a dog, but I really didn’t give him a choice, I told him I was bringing Cody home, but I don’t think he took me seriously. The next day I showed up with him and the rest is history. He jumped right into our hearts and guess who is his best buddy. My husband! We have 2 daughters that are 18 and 22 that constantly say “we should have gotten a dog a long time ago”.
They can’t believe what Cody has done to their dad. It’s been pure enjoyment and a true blessing for our family!!

Love the saying
“God spelled backwards is dog…Coincidence…I
don’t think so”

All my best
Darla from WA