Bobby & Goober, Lassie, Otto, Sandy, Gabe, Aksel

My family has currently “adopted” 5 stray dogs. My wife and I believe that there is an “invisible to us” sign in front of our home that says “Drop off your unwanted dogs here”! We also have 2 “on purpose” dogs.

Our dogs are

“Bobby” a big bruiser hound/ shepard mix who is a sweet and lovable dog!

“Goober” is our hyperactive border collie who was THOWN out of a vehicle in front of our home.

“Lassie” is our Alpha female chow mix who just showed up one day about 14 years ago.

“Otto” is a little Jack Russell/ Westy mix who selected us by walking out in front of our van and sitting down in the road. He would not move until we got out and picked him up and put him in the van.

“Sandy” is our Cairn Terrier/Pekinnese mix and our latest “acquisition”. She is our “Diva” and at 9 lbs, our smallest dog.

“Gabe” is our adopted hound mix who is part fish. He spends hours every day during the summer swimming in our pond and chasing the Canadian Geese and ducks when they land. Gabe also has the unique ability to chase down and catch squirrels who venture too close to his position.

And finally, our ONLY “on Purpose Dog” is AKSEL who is my sons’ pure bred German Shepherd. Sweet, Loyal, Protective and Highly intelligent. He is a wonderful addition to our “PACK”.

Thanks for giving us a chance to share our Love of Dogs and the Joy that they bring to our lives!

Michael from AR

Over the years we have taken in 20 or more dogs and cats who would have otherwise suffered an uncertain future and a rough life.
We would not take anything for our strays. The relationship that we develop with each of them is far more rewarding and offers a greater return than the small cost that we bear in their upkeep. We have all of our animals spayed and neutered so that they cannot add to the unfortunate numbers of unwanted and abused animals.