Blitz, Madison and Heidi

From left to right: Blitz, Madison and Heidi.
When I met my wife Jeanette, she and Madison lived together in a two bedroom apartment. Then I came into the picture and Madison developed a severe case of \’separation anxiety\’. We tried everything to stop her destructive behavior. We finally tried buying her a puppy of her own. Enter Heidi. The two have been best friends from day one. Blitz belonged to a coworker of Jeanette. She learned that he was going to be put down as he had become aggressive toward people and had bitten couple of them.

We took him in and, through many many hours of research, patience, love and devotion, have helped him become a wonderful member of our \’pack\’. These are our children and we all live together on a ten acre farmstead where the dogs can be dogs. As someone once said \”My goal is to become the person that my dogs think I am. Thank you Mark for all that you do for dogs and the American people.

Matt from MN