A Modern Day Rin Tin Tin

A pet behaviorist and author of 18 books, I just sold a memoir to St. Martin’s Press, titled Last Dog On The Hill. Scheduled for a Spring 2010 release, it tells the story of Lou, a dog who, starting life as the feral offspring of two guard dogs on a marijuana grow in Mendocino County California, became a heroic, modern-day Rin Tin Tin. Lou helped capture rapists and robbers, taught ASL and dog safety to kids, won me a life-changing job, fought coyotes, danced with wolves, comforted dying WWII vets, won agility contests, saved hundreds of dogs from euthanasia, and so much more. He was, truly, an American hero.

I want the public to hear Lou’s story, to ensure that his legacy as a hero and savior of hundreds of doomed dogs gets out. Please help me do this. If you read this Mark, I hope that you might consider contributing a blurb, or perhaps even write the foreword. To learn more, visit the Facebook group page Last Dog On the Hill. Thank you so much-

Steve from WA