A Cockapoo and Shietzu

i was walking our two dogs…a cockapoo and shietzu  on the sunday night of this year\’s golden globe awards. from nowhere another dog came over to greet us.  normally the shietzu would raise holy hell but this time all three dogs just sniffed each other. the stray had no collar on. she started following us home but then turned around and ran up the street. so i went home ,got into bed and watched as mickey rourke came on stage to accept his award. mickey then told his story about his dog.  well i just had to get up and go find that stray.  with leash in hand i walked up the street and there he was.  i put the leash on him and took him home. he stayed in our garage and dog run for the night.  early the next morning, i took him up the street and wandered around the area where i first found him.  i noticed and open gate and started towards it. then from the far end of that house a little black cat poked his head around the corner…then came running up to us. the cat went nose to nose with the dog and started rubbing against him. the dog\’s tail was going like a windmill. alas, home sweet home.  i put the dog and cat in the yard and latched the gate. this was at 6am.
on my way home that evening i saw the dog sitting on the front lawn with the owner near by. so i stopped and told him the previous night\’s tale.  he told me he and his wife were trying to figure out how the dog was in the back yard when they got up that morning.  now they know.  thank you, mickey rourke !

Richard from CA