Whisker, Zoe, Harley, Jr., Jackie, Shelby, Ginger

Good morning, Mark!!  I am a \”dog lover\” deluxe!!  I now have 5 dogs that I chose & 1 stray that has been with us for about 3-months & is a sweetheart!!   My husband & I bought our first dog, a schnoodle (half schnauzer & half poodle) in 1974 right after we got married.  Whisker lived to be 18-years old!!  Ever since then, we have had at least 2 dogs and most times 4 to 5.  They all get to come into the house, sleep in our beds and love us to pieces.  We now have 3 full-size dobermans (Zoe-red & tan @ 68 lbs. & 4-years old, Harley, Jr.-black & tax @ 132 lbs.—a real sweetie— & 2-1/2 years old, & our little Jackie @ 88 lbs. & 1-1/2 years old).   We also have a long-haired miniature dachshund-Sadie & a 13-year old Min-Pin-Shelby.
The stray, who my husband named Ginger, got a healthy report from the vet & he guessed that she is 1/2 Rottweiller & 1/2 Blue Heeler @ 66 lbs.  She shakes hands, lays down & sits on command.  She sat on the side of the road for 2-days (my husband said) in the exact same spot.  We think maybe she fell out of her owner\’s pickup truck or they just \”dumped\” her, but I cannot imagine that since she obviously has had much human contact.  She loves kids, gets along with our 3-outside cats & is just a great dog!!   I just had to share my story with you & have 2-copies of the Rescuing Sprite book that I share with my friends & family.   Thank you for caring so much for our country and for our beloved pets!!    God Bless!!

Cathy from TX