Tina Marie


I am a huge fan of conservative talk radio. I listen every day to Limbaugh, Hannity, and others. I cannot get your show locally. I just finished reading Rescuing Sprite and I must say I cried several times during the reading because it hit so close to home for me. I recently had to put down our family’s Chihuahua mix that I named Tina Marie when she was a puppy. A friend of my wifes rescued the dog from an abusive home and gave the puppy to us 12 years ago. She soon became blind in one eye from the physical abuse. This puppy was an emotional wreck. For some reason she bonded with me chose me above all others.

She loved to go to work with me to construction sites or anywhere else I went. She wanted to be nowhere else but with me. When she became very ill recently and we knew we had to relieve her of her misery my wife and I decided on the day and I met her at the Vet’s office. I thought I had had long enough to get used to the idea that it would not bother me, but I was wrong. I held my beloved dog while the vet administered the shot and she slumped in my arms. I couldn’t help myself. I cried like a baby.
We had her cremated and I have her remains in a decorative wooden box. I will never understand why she wanted me, but I know what 100% unconditional love is because that is what I got from her. I did not consider myself worthy of that, but I am grateful just the same. As I read the book, I knew exactly what you went through. God Bless you and your efforts to help all of the helpless pets out there that need a loving hand. I wish I could take them all but of course I cannot. Success to you and your efforts and keep up the good fight.

Bill from NM