We have a mini Schnauzer named Tidus. He is an awsome dog.We got him for a birthday present for my wife after we had to have our 13 year old Mini Schnauzer Nina put to sleep. She was very ill with cancer.Nina was the first dog I ever had.I got her when she was 10 weeks old she was born on Superbowl Sunday in 1991.She grew upwith the kids and loved them all.She thought they were her kids and even though she was small about 15 pounds she  was very pretective of not only our kids but any other ones near to her.

She lived a long and happy life.But a couple of years berore she passed away she started to develop cataracts and loose some hearing, The vet said it was old age and Schauzers only live 10 to 12 years so any thing passed that was a plus.Then she started to get fatty tumors and loose muscle mass in her rear legs she couldn\’t walk very well and the vet said she was full of cancer and nothing could be done. The next few months were very hard . She continued to get worse and finally he told us to take her home and give her anything she wanted to eat and make her  comfortable as possible. We would put some towles in the dryer and heat them up so she could lay down in them .She just loved those warm towles.

Then one morning 09/11/2004 we knew it was time. We took her to the vet and had her put to sleep.We did not want to get another dog so soon but mother in law gave us Tidus for my wifes birthday.There is no other animal as loyal and loving as a dog.They would give up their life for their master in a heartbeat. How many people are a loyal forgiving trusting and brave as a dog?Tidus is spoiled rotten but isn\’t that what you are supposed to do with your dogs.

Dave from WA