I had been reading your book Rescuing Sprite and was just getting to the section where you were ready to lay him to rest when I got an upsetting phone call from my oldest daughter, Stacie, telling me that her dog of 10 years, and my 1st grandpuppy Smokes, had a heart attack while she and her boyfriend were out walking him in the park that afternoon. He died immediately and didn’t suffer at all but she was completely devestated as was I at that moment. This had been her best friend and companion for 10 years. She had gotten Smokes when he was 6 weeks old because his mother didn’t want to take care of him. They had moved over 8 times together, many times Smokes stayed with me during the transition. The last move was across the country to Portland, OR.
Stacie didn’t plan the move around herself so much but all around Smokes. Where could they stay with him at night, where would Smokes be happy living and have a good yard to play in and surrounding area to run. Her life evolved around Smokes and Smokes could not have asked for someone to love him more. Stacie is having a very tough time right now as we all are. We were lucky enough that our family traveled to Oregon this past Christmas and we have pictures of everyone with Smokes by the Christmas tree. Christmas was his favorite time. He thought all the presents were his. He gave up sleeping in bed with Stacie to sleep with Stacies brother next to the Christmas tree to guard the presents and make sure no one opened them without him around. He truly was a family member.
We all feel a great loss and are thankful that Smokes didn’t have to suffer. Stacie knew he was getting older but was not ready to let him go yet. If you could drop her a note with a few kind words letting her know she is not alone in her loss of a pet I would appreciate it. We are adults but that doesn’t lessen the pain. They are our children, a part of the family. Her email address is spowell@unity.edu. Thanks for the wonderful book you wrote and for listening.
Cathy from MA
stacie’s mom