my name is Chloe Hillhouse,i am 12 years old…and i have a story for you about MY dog.i had a dog named nimmie,she was a dalmation who loved me and my sister when we were little.
nimmie was a very protective dog.she wouldnt ever let anything happen to my sister and i.she wouldnt even let my dad come near us unless she reconized his smell.so one day we were moving stuff in and out of the house and we left the door open…when…nimmie saw a cat across the street.she couldnt resist chasing it so she ran tword it.and just as she was crossing the street…a concrete truck had hit her.but the truck had hit her down the street,so my dad charged down the street and came back a half hour later with nimmie in his arms…she died that day ): we had a funeral for her that afternoon.i cried for 6 hours.now every summer when i go outside at my grandmas…i stand at her grave,hoping she is having the time of her life,hoping that she still remembers me.
Chloe from MI