My Dogs

I came to San Francisco for what I thought was a two-year hiatus after a divorce. I got my dog out here when my ex, who had custody of that lovely dog we rescued at four months, Brandy Aslan, called me up and threatened to put the dog to death on my birthday – on my birthday! I needed to find an apartment (and afford) moving to one that allowed pets. I pleaded and got Brandy out here with me. That was Valentine’s Day of 1992. In May, 1992, I discovered that my bosses at the University of California were covering up for each other in some kind of illegal construction contracting scheme, decided to go home and 29 days later, at the age of 38, discovered I had breast cancer. Through all the treatments and the ensuing hell at my job, where I had to finally whistleblow to the FBI about my bosses telling me that they were getting kickbakcs for the contracts, got fired for it, and then had to go through years to go to the US Supreme Court – and could not get heard….that sweet, sweet Brandy was with me. He died at 17 in the midst of my getting death threats while in the lower courts, and it tore me up . Everyone in this nice neighborhood 4 blocks from the Presidio loved Brandy, he didn’t even understand evil or know how to bite anyone or anything. I had trained him well, and loved him so much. One year after his death, God laid a rescue dog on me that was the opposite, a beautiful, smart and fear aggressive smooth collie/golden mix I call Rebecca Dawn, because of the new day with her. The night brandy had died, I came out of the vet’s, looking west over the Pacific, and saw something I had never seen before, golden pink tiny fluffy cotton balls clouds with blue sky behind each one – to the setting sun.

So Rebecca Dawn, so badly abused, burned all the way down her back and with the worst case of PTSD I had ever seen, had just become mine. The first night, she laid on top of me, tip to toe, scaring me…but so needy of love. With trainers and time, her lugning at every white male and white plastic bag has gone. She still has quirks and I still must be careful, but what a love! And what a guard dog, when I needed one! She can smell trouble 1000 feet off, she can smell the chemicals in the middle of a human’s brain and can tell their intent, at times keeping me from danger.

God gives us the right dog at the right time in our lives, and my friends, my dogs, my family, have been his magnificent gifts to me.

I can’t thank Him enough.

When I go home to Georgia, finally, this year, I have already lined up three more Smooth Colllies, one white/bluem merle- her favortie color dog.

They will guard me, but make each other happy – and I them in every way I can. What love, what caring, what a help!!!!

I am looking for a home with an office (I am an architect) at ground level big enough for me and them, and a huge, private backyard, fenced. God will provide the right place at the right time for all his creatures!

Pictures in order are:
Brandy (July 17, 1985-Sept. 17, 2002)
Becca (about 7-9 years old)
and the new dogs in Georgia, waiting our return:
Ella (16 months old)
Tessa (16 months old)
Dash (the only male of the four! and 30 months old)

Janet from CA