I just got back from vacation where I read Rescuing Sprite. I am a huge dog lover and had a Lhasa Apso as a child. He was such a huge part of our family and since I was an only child, he was like a sibling. When he passed on at only age 7, we were heartbroken and we all had a hard time functioning for awhile. I felt your pain and your family\’s pain while reading the book. I am so sorry you had such a difficult time but I can totally relate.

It\’s been 30 years since Midnight died and I remember it all so vividly. What you and your family did for Sprite was to give him a very happy life until its end and he knew it. You were all meant for each other and able to bring joy to him as he brought so much joy to you. I enjoyed the book immensely and my husband will attest to how moved I was by it as evidenced by the tears streaming down my face and my sniffling while on the beach in Hawaii. I was moved by Marley 3 years ago and equally moved by Sprite. He was so lucky to have you and you are all so lucky to have had him and to have Pepsi and Griffen.

My husband and I enjoy your show and now we each have more respect for you after reading about your life with Sprite. It sounds like you have a wonderful wife and kids and you are all so blessed. Thank you for sharing Sprite with us and for sharing your emotions. You are a true American.

Donna from NY