Masey, Maggie and Dixie

I wanted to share the stories of my dogs and how much my wife and I have enjoyed them and also learned about life from them.

We got our first dog, Masey, a beautiful English Pointer, a little over 10 years ago. I don’t hunt and we had never thought about Pointers before seeing her , but we fell in love with Masey and also the breed. We knew that dogs bring so much love but unfortunately they live such short lives, so as she got older we were dreading the day she would be leaving us and we were very sad for quite a while.

We had already rescued Maggie, our Chocolate Lab from a bad situation since she was malnourished and kept isolated in a crate in a basement for 23 hours a day.While looking for another Pointer, we found a Pointer rescue group. Pointers from Oz is located nearby and has rescued and adopted over 400 of these wonderful dogs, so we found one named Dixie and brought her home with us.

She had been turned in to a shelter in Alabama 2 days prior to having 10 puppies showing signs of abuse and was scheduled to be euthanized before she was rescued by Pointers from Oz and brought back to Michigan. Now both our dogs are doing splendidly.

The picture below is showing Maggie and Dixie.

Rand from MI