I just finished reading Rescuing Sprite and I have to thank you for sharing that.  I know how difficult it must have been for you losing Sprite as my husband and I lost our dear Doberman (Major) in June of 08.  I am still having a very difficult time with it and like you I thought there was something wrong with me for feeling such sorrow.   I don\’t feel comfortable talking about it to people because I just don\’t think they really know the feeling unless they have been through it themselves.  I am hoping that someday I will again own another doberman.  Right now my husband isn\’t ready for another  one as Major was very attached to my husband.  I just miss the big guy so much.  As I am typing this I am sitting here crying.  I am so thankful that we did have 11 wonderful years with him.

Thank you again for sharing and for letting me feel that I am not nuts for feeling the way I do.

My computer skills are not very good and I would love to share a picture of my Major with you, would it be possible to send it to you via e-mail along with the e-mail I sent out to our family and friends the day we lost our Maj.

Thank you so much.

Darlene from WI