This is Maggie!  God blessed me with her over 13 years ago in California where  I lived outside the Napa valley. God gave me a message in my head when I was driving past the shelter that I should go in. I am not joking.  I had driven past the shelter almost weekly and never felt the sense this strong  to go in.  On this day I received the strong message. Maggie had just arrived.  She was just strolling around in the streets by herself when animal control picked her up. The staff person said I would have to wait 3 days to see if someone would claim her.  Since she was so cute I knew had to have belonged to someone.

By the grace of God, 3 days later I took her home with me where our life together began.  When I was laid off from a San Francisco dot com in 2001 she moved with me to New York City and quickly adjusted to city life.  Where I used to be able to open the door and let Maggie go out to do her business, I now had to take her down 22 floors in the elevator in order to take her out.  Sometimes she would wake me up at 4AM on a cold snowy NYC morning.  I would have to bundle up and take her out for a walk (again at 4 AM mind you in NYC) so she could do her business.

I think about that time as we now live in Connecticut where once again I can open the door an let her out from my nice cozy home.    She loves playing with her ball, playing tug a war, running fast after a golf ball, hunting and chasing squirls, and begging for food.  She is my best friend and buddy.  I love her so much. I don\’t ever want to lose her.  I don\’t know what I will do when that time comes.

Mary from CT