Lad, Jordie

We have two blue merle collies. The older of the two (Lad, sorry I’m Scottish we had to do it)was purchase when he was 8 weeks old and comes from a line of champions. His father was a grand champion and did photos shoots and commercials! He is truly a speciman. We wanted to get him a friend to play with. That’s when we got Jordie. Beautiful blue/gray hair with all the right markings that a great champion collie would need.

Five months after his birth we determined (by his reactions and finally sending him to Purdue University for tests) that he was blind. I called the breeder and they said they would take him back and return our money and have him put down. Five months old!? No chance. We decided to keep this little gem and even though he can’t see a darn thing, he has grown to be the best dog we have ever had as part of our family. He walks, runs and play just like any dog we’ve ever owned. It’s truly amazing to see how well does considering his blindness. AND, Lad would not know what to do without him! They are best friends. I think Jordie uses Lad as his “stick”. You know the stick that a blind person would use to know where they are. He is the best dog ever and I’m so glad that we made the right decision to keep him. He is part of our family! My wife and I have three children ages 18, 16, 13. When we got Jordie they were 4 years younger. Jordie is 4 and Lad is just over 5.
We were just looking through Sean and Mark’s websites and decided to share this with everyone.
God Bless!

The Kirkwoods from IN