Kim, Cassie, Molly-Bree

I just wanted to say I have just read your book and cryed it was a lovely story and so pleased you wrote the book and so pleased to have read it!
I know the pain you went through and the joy I have lost three dogs my first at 15 Kim I had the vet to the house to make the same decision as you, my second was only 8 cassie a CKCS and died on my knee on the way to the vet with her heart, my third was just a pup at only two and half well to me she was still a pup called Molly-Bree a CKCS I slept with her on the floor for the last ten days of her life she had ulcerated Colitis the vet had never seen anything so bad she needed to be out every ten mins or so so now way we could sleep in her normal place of my bed as she couldnt make it to the door…but she had such spirit right to the end and i had to make the choice to have her PTS as she had no quality of life and it broke my heart and broke me to loose my little girl so young, but what got me through was her niece who was born the day before i lost her and she now was my angel and the only thing that got me through loosing Molly , she is now asleep at my feet as i type this Callie-Angel my Ruby CKCS……….who is 7 in Feb , i just felt after reading your book about Sprite and Pepsi I had to tell you and this is the only place i found to contact you hope you dont mind.

The best tribute you can make to the friend you lost is to give another dog the chance of a loving home, they all deserve!!
take Care
love Gill n Callie-A xxxx
here is a photo of my little soul mate god knows how i will cope when the time come to loose her.

please dont worry about posting this story on your site i just wanted to contact you and say how much i loved your book and thanks for telling your story and sprites.

Gill from England