In the middle of 2008, my wife and I began fostering a 12 year old retired guide dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind, named Khaki. She was an active guide for over 9 years, but had to retire when seh started to lose her sight and was no longer able to guide her handler.
Soon after we began fostering Khaki, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. It seemd such a shame that this beautiful yellow labrador retreiver spent her entire life giving her handler a life of mobility and freedom and then was given only weeks to months to live soon after retirement. My wife and I dedicated ourselves to ensuring that Khaki would have a comfortable and rewarding end of life.
We’re happy to report that 7 months later, Khaki’s cancer is in remission. While she still suffers from a loss of sight and has eventually bouts of influenza, she continues on to live the happy life she so rightfully deserves. We love our girl!
Jeffrey from CA