Hi folks – and Mark. I want to say first that I have learned so much from you, Mark as to the workings of our government. I listen everyday. As a kid (10 to 16), living in Hamburg Germany from 1970 to 1976, I used to debate with the older german kids and adults with my perfect north German dialect. They heard me speak of the US while they spoke of Lenin, Mao’s little red book and anti-vietnam stuff etc. I remember, the Berlin wall, checkpoint Charlie, how drab east Berlin was, very grey and dark at night compared to West Berlin that was alive and lit like a Christmas tree at night. I have always been politically inclined.
But – to my first pet dog, Jetta, the black lab you see in the pictures. My wife wanted me to get a dog to keep me company while I worked at home. We have no children, it does not seem to be in the cards for us, so finally she convinced me. In Jan. of 2001 we went looking at the local shelter.
I saw her first, sitting in her kennel, being quiet but curious looking at all the folks as they would walk by. Those wonderful, smart eyes taking everything in, looking out her cage at us. She would not go potty in the cage, nor #2. The lady at the shelter, put Jetta to be on a leash and led us to a little area where she (not the shelter lady of course) relieved herself. As I watched walk around and sniff, I patted my leg and called her to me. She came and sat next to me for a minute, then got up and walked around, until we had to go back to the kennel. Jetta was in her first heat, having not been spayed yet. She had been dropped off at the pound earlier that week. We had seen her while she was in a 3 day waiting period. Maybe she had gotten loose and was lost, having been dropped off by a stranger who found her. To this day we do not know how she got there. In the end it was their loss One family was to see her at one pm on a Sunday, with my wife and I scheduled to see Jetta to be @ 2pm.
We do not know what happened to her in first year and half, but she was trained a little, very afraid of men and she would not bark at all.
Well, a life time has passed… chasing tennis balls, long walks, leaping in the waves at the ocean. TPLO surgery, a broken tooth, allergies, the Dog Whisperer…dog friends, sleeping on the bed and at my feet.
Then this past Christmas season, my step dads terminal illness entered into its final stages, leaving him sicker as the days past, passing finally this Monday morning. Our time was spent helping care give for my mother and getting their affairs in order. Jetta became ill too, throwing up and not wanting to eat – this really was weird.
Those of you who may be reading this, amy already sense what is coming, but for me, I have to write it – so please forgive my wordiness. So it started, 4 different doctor visits and then finally at #5, the prognosis of Lymohoma was given. If untreated, as many of you know, 3 to 4 weeks are left.
The Wisconsin protocol was presented to us – $7000 in costs that woudl give us 6 months to a year. BUt, I do nto want to make it sound liek itis only about money, but that is alot for us at this time. Plus, whta type of life woudl she have, what woudl it really cost in terms f time and life. In the end, she will eventually have to be put down. At some poitn in the game – thatwill have to happen.
She is responding well to 20 mg of Prednisone a day being very hungary, full of energy and abounding in love. Her eyes are a little more cloud though, but she is still smart as an be.
We have decided to just use the Pred adn not go through th eheavy chemo – but maybe, we wil convince our doc to give her a shot a something else, just to help out. I really want to find another med that we could give her with the Pred without going through the full battery of the Wisconsin chemo protocol. If any one has any ideas, I would really appreciate reading about them.
All that to say, I love you Mark, thanks for everything. I know many souls who read this, who have already been through this, will be praying for us – my iwfe Sandra, and our baby Jetta -adn our newly adopted 2 year old male Lab, Dusty. Dusty’s previous owner, who gave him to us, completely over fed him – he is 30 to 40 pounds over weight, and a very loving guy, but he will be a story for another day.

I come back and add more as the days go on.

Dan from CA