In April of last year, I lost the best friend I have ever had. His name was Jefferson, and he was a retired racing greyhound. He passed away barely 3 weeks after his 13th birthday, three weeks in which he went from being a reasonably healthy boy to an old man eaten up with arthritis. Jeffy was not a particularly good racer, his track record will attest to that, but he was so special in many other ways. When one of the other dogs would get angry or upset, Jeff would run over to him, or her, and just nuzzle an ear. The anger would instantly disappear, and all would be well. While he was being fostered in another home, the lady there credited Jeff with turning around the life of a young foster child she had who was headed for a bad time in his life. He would not study, would not follow curfew rules, made very bad grades in school, and, in general, was a pretty bad character. Jeff was able to get to the boy. They took walks together, and he fed Jeff, and petted him. Soon, his grades improved. He no longer gave anyone any trouble, and is now in college studying medicine.
We only had him with us 4 years, but it was the happiest 4 years I have ever known. I have not been without at least one dog my whole life, with the exception of time in the military, but Jefferson affected me like no other ever had, or has. We now have four other Greys, and our granddaughter has one, but I still miss Jeff so very much. I commissioned an artist to do a portrait of him, and it cost me more than I would have ever dreamed I would spend on something of that type, but it has given me more pleasure than you know. It was definitely worth the price. Jefferson, please know that we love you and miss you.

Nick from VA